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Pam's Worst Enemies.
.:We Can See Through You:.
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24th-Mar-2006 10:08 pm - Just to straighten things up...
Im doing this post for all the world to see. The shippers and "pro" people have had their say, Im going to have mine. You dont have to read it, its long and full of stuff you would probably roll your eyes at but you either read it or you dont. Im not going to name names but those I speak about know who they are.

We dislike Pam, yes. Its no crime, its not even illegal as some people claim. Its not out of jealousy or "if I cant have him no one else will" kind of thing either. She has done things that we simply do not like. End of story. We have based an opinion on her just as anyone else in this world does with people they do NOT know personally - just like the shippers and pro people have. They know her just as much as we do yet have based an opinion on her. Pam has had more bad press surrounding her than good, but the shippers and pro people choose to ignore this. Why, I have no idea. Yes there are good and bad encounters regarding Pam but more often than not the good encounters are from shippers or Elijah/Gogol Bordello fans. The bad encounters have come from professional people in private circumstances where no fans are allowed. If she is such a nice person these "pretentious hussy" comments would never be made about her. These bad encounters also come from people who dont fancy Elijah or they dont know who Pam was or from people who actually liked her until they met her. Dont forget the pictoral evidence that showed Pam being less than nice to Elijahs fans at the Edinburgh Festival. Just because Elijah is with her that doesnt automatically make her a sweet and innocent person either. A lot of people, even some shippers have admitted to him looking less happy since he has been with her.

One shipper who ran a pro community called a "truce" with us at one point and we accepted even after all the stuff this person called us and said to us. Yet you still call us such bad people.

Us "anti's" got attacked, bashed, called, flamed, trolled, wanked first. So if this is to be called a "war" (even though we anti's have never seen it as one) we did not start it. We created a locked community first because of the constant trolling from all the shippers. We are not allowed to say our opinions in public like the shippers are. Despite what the pro people say, we DO NOT hate Pam, wo DO NOT wish harm on her, we DO NOT call her worse than shit. Its all guess work by the shippers to make us look like we are full of hatred and despise Pam - we dont. How you shippers and pro's can do all this to us, say all this to us and still say its war BETWEEN us, I dont know. Its a war AGAINST us from where I am standing.

I dont really care that if by some freak of nature Elijah knew about this community. Im sure he knows that not everyone can like everyone. He himself has openly stated his dislike for people. Some people claim they are in contact with Elijah and Elijah's management and he is "trying to be cool" about us. If someone was "full of hatred" and "being so cruel" as you pro's put it about someone I loved or cared for, I would not try to be "cool" about it all, would you? Obviously not because the shippers stick up for their loved one (Pam). Why dont you take a leaf from Elijahs book and try to be cool about it too.

Oh, if you want to talk about legal issues, lets start with these: one shipper trolled our community that has now closed. She pretended to be both Pam and Elijah in an attempt to get us to close it down. We knew who it was by the ISP. Another shipper has admitted to pretending to be Elijah on another website. A lot of the shippers claim things as FACT and make up lies about Pam and Elijah. Yet we "break the law" because we dont like someone? Er... yeah, ok!

A lot of the shippers like whoever Elijah dates because they are somehow proof that Elijah is NOT gay. Thats why Pam gets her feet kissed. Ever heard of a beard people?

The shippers always make excuses for Elijah and Pam. If he doesnt acknowledge her he is keeping her private, if he does its proof he loves her. If they dont attend an event together its because they have seperate lives, if they are together its because they cant bear to be apart. If they dont show affection its because Elijah has learnt from "the Franka days", if they do its liek OMG babies are coming. Sorry but you cant have it ALL ways. Elijah cant say he keeps her in the background when she is there doing topless modelling on the catwalk, he plugs GB and her in every teeny magazine, when she joins him on the float for Mardi Gras - something she has no right or reason to be there.

One more thing, when a truce was called between the two opposite communities, it was also a truce between both the members. I nor any of the members here have trolled any of your communities nor have they "cyber stalked" anyone or sent them nasty things. I have asked, everyone denied it and was really disgusted by it, no one here condones anything like that. DO NOT accuse us, it is not fair and its unfounded. Maybe there are more people that have something against you than you think (even though we dont have anything against you).

I have disabled comments as my post is not open for negotiations and I think I speak for all the members here. I do not want a flame war, I am telling it how it is, take it or leave it. We have nothing against no one and have only ever wanted to be left alone and to be honest, if you are "sick of hearing" what we say about Pam well, DITTO. We have just as much right to say our opinions as you. We arent allowed to say anything bad about her in certain places so why dont you stick to there and we will stick to our places. Why should you be allowed to puff her up as this wonderful person without knowing her personally yet we arent allowed to say even the slightest thing bad about her. Think about your hypocricy. We have never had a problem with your opinion, you are entitled to it and entitled to express it just like we are but you dont seem to be able to have that kind of outlook.

If you shippers think that Elijah being with someone like Pam (shouting at little girls and making them cry, being rude to his fans, openly flirting (and sometimes rumoured to be making out with them and this comes from 2 seperate Gogol Bordello fans NOT Elijah fans) with other men when Elijah isnt there, doing topless modelling etc) then you should be ashamed wanting someone like Pam with the man you profess to love so much.

Im sure theres much more but I think thats enough for now.
2nd-Dec-2005 07:07 pm - Friends Only.
Damn U

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