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Pam's Worst Enemies.

.:We Can See Through You:.

Damn That Pam
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Welcome to damn_pam, a community for those who dislike Gogol Bordello "dancer" and Elijah Wood's "girlfriend" Pamela Racine.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Graphic by priteegreeneyes.

This community is FRIENDS ONLY.

Please remember to friends lock EVERY post. If you dont, it will be deleted. If this happens, you may re-post but only if you friends lock it.

Lurkers are NOT welcome. If you join this community you are expected to be an active member, otherwise why join? If you do not post/comment within 5 entries, you will be banned. Sure, not everyone has time to post/comment so if you dont have the time, dont join.


Click HERE to request membership AND fill out the entry form situated HERE and post it in the "Friends Only" post of this community as a comment. PLEASE NOTE, you will only be considered for approval if you complete ALL parts of our membership process.
Also, if you only "monitor" this community without joining, you will NOT see any posts.


Discussion of Pam in general. This can be from Pam and Gogol Bordello to Pam and Elijah, from Pam news and rumours to old/new pictures. In other words, ANYTHING goes.
Bitching, ranting, moaning and snarking of anything Pam related.
Wallpapers, icons, art, banners, opinions and hey, we even allow conspiracy theories *gasp*.


Flaming other damn_pam members.
Flaming Elijah. This is a community for those who dislike Pam - not Elijah. At times he does/says things we dont like and members are allowed to air their opinions good or bad but please refrain from harsh name calling as there are people who actually think he is a great bloke.
Comments regarding Elijah being gay. He hasnt said he's gay, he has dated women, so lets take his word that he his straight.
Wishing harm or worse on Pam. Remember, just because we dislike her, doesnt mean we wish evil on her.
Trolling other communities. Any member found doing this will be banned immediately.
Leaking information from this community to outside members/communities (without permission). This will result in immediate banning.
Posting more than one picture or a long post WITHOUT using the "lj cut".
Endless posts containing "what the pro Pam/Elijah communities are saying". They may fill their communities with posts about us but we dont need to sink to their level. We have enough material with Pam, we need no more.
Joining/posting with more than one LJ account. IP's are tracked and anyone found to be using more than one account in this community will have one of their names banned. You dont need more than one account to post here and seeing as though you need to comment to be added to this community, its an impossibility.


If you intend on claiming something, please site your sourse. It is easy to make up stories, sightings etc If you have proof - show us. Anyone can claim anything, especially "my friends told me that..." but it doesnt mean its true. If you are on our side, you must show us proof. If you wont/cant then dont say anything at all.


All membership requests will be sent to damn_pam's maintainers. Please wait patiently for approval/disapproval.
All posts must be friends locked.
All post have to be approved so please dont fret if your post doesnt show up straight away.
All comments will be screened until approved.
Anon posting is disabled.
If any member shows signs of trolling, Pam-loving or shippery activity in or out of this community, they will be banned without notice - no questions asked.
In other words - don't waste your time if you are planning to troll this community.
Also, if you leave this community for whatever reason - you leave this community for good. Do not try to rejoin with the same account or different account as you will not be approved.


If you find that your request to join hasnt yet been approved or has been rejected, it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:
1: Your IP matches that of a troll.
2: You have a troll(s)/shipper(s) on your friends list.
3: You are a known shipper.
4: You like Pam and/or Pam and Elijah together (even if you aren't a shipper or don't mind us guys, this community is for dislikers ONLY).
5: The community maintainers are unsure of who you are. Your IP may be a close match to that of a troll or your IP doesn't match either a friend or foe.
6: You have previously been a member of this community but decided to leave. Anyone who leaves, leaves for good.

.:WHY CHOOSE damn_pam?:.

If you want to express your opinion but are afraid of getting wanked, trolled, flamed, bashed etc then this is the place for you. Some people simply wont allow anyone to have an opinion that differs to theirs but you dont have to worry about that here. As long as you dislike Pam - you can have whatever opinion you want.


Please remember that the language and content of this community may not be to everyone's taste. For instance, if you find swearing offensive, please either reconsider joining this community or tolerate it.


This community does not promote actual hate. Everyone gets up someone's nose at some point in their lives. Disliking (not hating) someone/something is a natural emotion and happens to us all. People will forever complain about how we dislikers can call, judge and dislike someone we dont know, well... thats life. The shippers call, judge and hate us more than we dislike Pam. Hypocrite much? If you want to promote "anti hate" then stop hating us just because our opinions differ from yours and we dislike someone you adore. Practice what you preach (and boy, do you preach).


Should you need to ask a question or make a suggestion regarding this community, please comment in the "friends only" post of this community. Your post will be screened but if you are wanting a response, please leave your email address in your message as replying to a screened comment makes both the original comment and the reply visible.







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